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Institute of Economics and Law is a house that provides consulting services, publishing and organization of expert meetings. The primary area of our activities are public procurements, but also everything that follows this multidisciplinary area. Apart from Public procurements, Institute of Economics and Law’s activities also follow the field of education, as well as public companies. Over the years, we have been trying not only to keep up with trends, but to anticipate them also, with the desire to remain true support for your business at the right time.

Consulting services in the field of Public Procurement Law:

- Contracting authorities
- Bidders
- Institutions of education

The Institute of Economics and Law has prepared offers for consulting services that are carefully tailored to the needs of both the contracting authorities and the bidders. In addition, we have specially selected education institutions to appreciate their specificity. Choose a segment that suits your needs.

Contracting authoritiesBiddersEducation

Recommendations from our clients:

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OŠ "Nada Petrović", Beograd
OŠ "Nada Petrović", Beograd


The publishing activity of the Institute of Economics and Law focuses on professional editions that are unique in their fields. Their goal is to keep track of the dynamic changes our society faces and make them clear to our customers.


Getting to the heart of the issue

Among such examples is the book “Excursions and Classes in Nature” which offered a solution to the problems related to the public procurement of excursions and classes in nature that took into account the reality in the institutions of education. This included extensive consultations, from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, through the Ministry of Finance to the Republic Tourism Inspection. The wish of the author and the publisher was to hear the arguments of all involved factors and, by the solution offered, show that it is possible to appreciate the interests of many participants in this process without disturbing the primary goal, which is the welfare of children.

A similar effect was achieved by the thematic number of our magazine “Public Procurement – Application in Practice”, which dealt with the issue of liberalization of electricity trade. At the time, this question was accompanied by a series of doubts and questions. The responses of our users testify that we successfully won them.

It’s so today. Our primary goal releases have the support of our customers in their day-to-day performance, but also offer sustainable solutions to current issues.

The journal “Public Procurement – Application in Practice” was created in response to the needs of the contracting authorities and the bidders in the practical implementation of the Public Procurement Law.
Each issue of the journal covers several sections of the law, monitors the decisions of the Commission for the Protection of Rights, the opinions of the Public Procurement Office, as well as latest tendencies in the by-laws, regulations and decrees with the ultimate goal of facilitating the application of the Law in practice.

The journal “Educational Informant” was created with the idea that through monitoring of the current state of the education system, that is, a system that is constantly changing and adapting to new circumstances, journal will enable all those who participate in the education process to followup on those changes. Also, there’s a desire to leave a trace of the genesis of this system to those who are yet to become part of this vital system.

Seminars and other forms of professional development

Professional development meetings are another aspect of our activities. They range from seminars and other forms of professional training to conferences. The driving idea behind our expert meetings is to support the business of budgetary institutions and companies to identify current issues and, through interactive work with our lecturers, to seek adequate responses and solutions that are sustainable in practice.

Our conferences are divided into the following topics:

– Public procurements

– Budget Accounting and Bookkeeping

– Legislative framework

– Educational institutions and specifics of their work

– Public companies and specifics of their work

– Boarding schools and specifics of their work

– as well as various trainings such as training course for Public Procurement Officers or training course for Budget Accounting and Bookkeeping


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our employees will respond quickly.

If the answer to your question is urgent, please contact us by phone at
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