Consulting services - offer for educational institutions

• Drafting, amending and controlling the Internal act on the more detailed management of public procurement procedures within the Contracting authority;
• Drafting, amending and control of the Procurement Plan and the Procurement Plan to which the Public Procurement Law does not apply and the placement on the Public Procurement Office Portal ;
• Drafting and placement of quarterly reports in the Public Procurement Office application software, and sending said reports to Public Procurement Office and State Audit Institution;
• Market research;
• Drafting, amending and/or controling the Decision to initiate the public procurement procedure;
• Drafting a proposal for a decision on forming public procurement commission;
• Participation in the affairs of Public Procurement Commission;
• Drafting and/or controling of the tender documentation;
• Drafting of amendments to the tender documentation;
• Responding to requests for additional clarification of tender documents during public procurement procedures;
• Participation in the opening of bids in the capacity of members of the Public Procurement Commission;
• Drafting of the Minutes on the opening of bids;
• Drafting a Request for additional clarification of the submitted bid;
• Drafting of the Request for the collection of relevant data necessary for the evaluation of bids (Chamber of Commerce, Public Procurement Office and State Audit Institution…);
• Drafting a Decision on the conclusion of the framework agreement / award of the contract / suspension of the procedure;
• Drafting a Framework agreement;
• Drafting a public procurement contract;
• Publication of the necessary documents on the Public Procurement Portal;
• Drafting a proposal for a response to an application for protection of rights;
• Tracking deadlines;
• Telephone consultation with the Public Procurement Officer;
• Written consultation with the Public Procurement Officer;
• Drafting a report on the conducted public procurement procedure or individual contract, in accordance with the Public Procurement Office requirement;
• Managing the entire documentation from the public procurement procedure;
• Drafting the Report on the undertaken activities upon completion of the public procurement procedure

Contact person:

Miloš Knežević

This offer includes 7 public procurement procedures and 7 procurement procedures to which the Law does not apply on an annual basis. The monthly price of the annual contract is 25.000,00 RSD + VAT

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About us:

The Institute of Economics and Law has been present in the field of public procurement since the first Public Procurement Law of 2002. Over the years, we organized a large number of seminars, consultations and trainings on the topic of the Public Procurement Law, and we are especially proud of the fact that at our expert meetings, through the dialogue between the participants and the lecturers, we’ve maintain strong contact with the contracting authorities and the bidders and their problems in the implementation of the Public procurement. As a publishing house, we have published a large number of professional publications on the subject of the Public Procurement Law, of which is probably the most famous issue  “Public Procurement in the Republic of Serbia”, which still exists and is progressing and developing alongside the public procurement area in our country.

Our consulting team is composed of the best experts in the country covering all aspects of the Public Procurement Law. Long-term successful cooperation with all relevant public procurement institutions (Ministry of Finance, Public Procurement Administration, Republic Commission for the Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures, Centralized Procurement Bodies), but also with international institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development .

Our consulting team consists of certified public procurement officers with many years of experience in implementing public procurement procedures in different areas.